All vehicles used for university business must have appropriate insurance coverage.

Report Immediately: all vehicle accidents occurring while on University business 

Download Vehicle Accident Form (.pdf) 

The University's Automobile Program


  • Safe Driver Awareness training must be completed every three years by everyone who drives a vehicle (UC-owned, rental, personal) on university business.
  • Timely reporting of all vehicle accidents occurring while on university business.


  • Automobile liability coverage for personnel driving on university business.
  • Automobile Physical Damage coverage for vehicles owned, leased and operated by the University.

Reporting Vehicle Accidents
All vehicle accidents occurring while on university business must be reported immediately.
  • To report an accident involving a UC Davis fleet vehicle or a rental vehicle arranged through Fleet Services, complete a Vehicle Accident Form and email it to Fleet Services at
  • To report all other accidents involving the use of any other vehicle while on university business, complete a Vehicle Accident Form and email it to Risk Management Services at
    • Upon receipt of the vehicle accident form, Risk Management will initiate a claim with the university’s third-party claims administrator, Sedgwick.


Reporting Employee Injury

When Accidents Involve...

  • University Owned Vehicles
  • The University's insurance program automatically covers all department-owned or -leased vehicles registered with Fleet Services. In the event of a covered loss, the campus deductible for damage to a university vehicle is $1,000.

    The use of a university owned vehicle out of state beyond 100 miles of the California border requires advance approval. Campus units must complete an Out of State Vehicle Use Form to request authorization to take a university vehicle out of state.

    All units, except those within the Division of Student Affairs, submit this form to the Office of Risk Management Services for review. Before a review commences the form, must be signed by the appropriate Department Chair/Manager.  
  • Privately Owned Vehicles (Personal Vehicles)
  • If you use your personal vehicle for University business, your personal insurance provides the primary coverage in case of accident or loss. Therefore, employees are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are sufficiently insured.

    Per policy BFB-G-28 Travel Regulations, the minimum required liability insurance coverage for private vehicles used on University business is:
     • $50,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person;
     • $100,000 for injury to, or death of, two or more persons in one accident;
     • $50,000 for property damage.

    In the case of personal vehicle damage, your campus department has the option to reimburse up to $500 for repairing your vehicle or for your personal auto insurance deductible, whichever is less. If approved, that expense would be the responsibility of your department. 

    University insurance programs do not provide primary coverage for damage or loss to personal vehicles used for business. 

  • Rental Vehicles
  • The University of California (UC) has a systemwide car rental program with Enterprise, Hertz, National, Dollar and Thrifty. The University’s contracts offer travelers the most economical pricing and include comprehensive insurance coverage for car rentals within the continental United States. University-negotiated rates for rentals include full coverage for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Loss Damage Waiver (LDW); therefore, the purchase of additional insurance is not required. 

    Whenever possible, reserve rentals for University related travel through AggieTravel or ConnexUC.

    When should you purchase insurance?

    Purchase coverage for (1) damage to the rental vehicle itself and (2) damage to people and other property:
     • If none of the approved agencies have an outlet at your pick-up location and therefore you must rent from an agency that UC does not have an agreement with.
     • If renting in foreign countries.
    The purchase of the insurance is reimburseable as a travel expense.

    When does financial liability transfer to the university?

    Violations to the terms and conditions of a rental car agreement will forfeit any insurance coverage (CDW and LDW). Thus, financial responsibility for damages (to the rental car or to third parties) arising out of an accident would be transferred from the rental car company to the University (including the campus department of the renter). Typical actions that invalidate the CDW and LDW include (but may not be restricted to):
     • Intentional damage to the rental vehicle
     • Negligence in the care or use of the vehicle (e.g., leaving the vehicle unattended with keys in the ignition, putting the wrong type of fuel in the car)
     • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence
     • Driving in a reckless, wanton or dangerous manner
     • Driving on unpaved roads (if damage or loss is a direct result of the road/driving conditions)

    Read tips on how to reduce this risk (.pdf)

  • Vehicles on Loan or Leased
  • Loaned or leased vehicles that the University has agreed to insure under written contract prior to a loss, or for which the University may be legally liable, are covered as described in BFB BUS-81: Insurance Programs.