Obtaining a Respirator

If your supervisor determines that your work requires the use of a respirator, proper medical evaluation and fit testing must be completed prior to use of any respiratory protective equipment.

  1. Obtaining a Respirator
  2. Renewing a Fit Test
  3. Respiratory Protection Policy & Manual

Obtaining a Respirator

These steps MUST occur in a specific order, as mandated by Cal/OSHA regulations.

  1. Obtain a medical respirator clearance. Complete the Request and Authorization Form, and Respiratory Questionnaire and can be sent in via mail, email to occupationalhealth@ucdavis.edu or can be faxed to 530-752-5277 to Occupational Health Services. Both forms need to be completed and received before questionnaire can be reviewed. The respirator questionnaire will be reviewed by a health professional and a clearance will be given typically in 48 hours. The clearance will be e-mailed to the employee.
  2. Schedule a respiratory fit test appointment. Contact Occupational Health (530-752-6051) to make an appointment for the respirator fit test.  Fit tests are conducted at Occupational Health in the Cowell building on California street unless otherwise notified. Upon completion of a successful fit test, you will receive a respirator and the proper accessories (cartridges/filters, etc..) to protect against the agents you work with. You will receive training on the proper use, limitations, cleaning, storage, user seal checks, and cartridge change out schedules, in accordance with Cal/OSHA regulations and  UC Davis policies.

Renewing a Respirator Fit Test

It is the employee and supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that respirator users are obtaining:

  1. Medical Clearance
  2. Respiratory Fit Test 
  3. Training EVERY YEAR by date of their last successful fit test 

Occupational Health will send a reminder via e-mail to the employee and supervisor with a tentative date and time of the next respiratory fit test. This reminder will be sent a month prior to the proposed fit test appointment. You must bring your respirator with you when renewing your respiratory fit test.

*You do not have to wait for the notification email if you know your fit testing renewal date is coming up. You can submit Request and Authorization form and Respirator Questionnaire to Occupational Health to start the process*

If you have Respirator Fit Program Questions please contact:
Jessica Stoffel ljstoffel@ucdavis.edu  Phone: 530-752-6077

Respirator fit and facial hair chart.

Policy and Procedure Manual Section Relating to Respiratory Protection