Field Research Safety Committee

Field Research Safety Committee


The Field Research Safety Committee is charged with coordinating the actions and affairs of researchers in the field and promoting a safe working and learning environment at remote and international field locations. Responsibilities include:

  • Advise on program communications.
  • Develop guidance documents.
  • Provide input into development of, and changes to, policies and procedures.
  • Initiate communication with other units and programs.
  • Follow up on incidents, near misses, and concerns.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of field safety culture.
  • Liaison with departmental staff and faculty.
  • Provide guidance on or facilitate relevant field safety training and information.


The committee is composed of research staff and faculty from multiple academic disciplines, as well as representatives from non-academic departments with involvement in field research and travel.

Current Members

College of Engineering

  • Alexander Forrest, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Holly Oldroyd, Civil and Environmental Engineering

College of Biological Sciences

  • (vacant)

College of Letters and Sciences

  • Michael Oskin, Earth and Planetary Sciences

College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

  • Gregory Pasternack, Land, Air and Water Resources

School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Kyra Mills, Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Student representatives

  • Andrea Broad, Graduate Group in Ecology

Other units

  • Craig Allison, Office of Research
  • Jeffrey Clary, John Muir Institute of the Environment
  • Teresa Dillinger, Graduate Studies
  • A. J. Leeds, Global Affairs
  • Sarah Oktay, John Muir Institute of the Environment
  • Gaby Renteria, Risk Management Services
  • Sara Souza, UC Field Safety Center of Excellence
  • Jessica Trask, Office of Research

Ex Officio

  • Heather Spaulding, EH&S Field Safety Professional
  • Becky Grunewald, EH&S Manager, Field Research Safety Program
  • James Fitzgerald, Boating Safety Officer
  • Jason Herum, Dive Safety Officer


Quarterly, to be scheduled one month in advance.


Email Heather Spaulding to be removed from committee correspondence.


The committee reports to the Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer of Finance, Operations, and Administration.


Heather Spaulding, or