Field Safety Planning

Start the safety plan early in your field work planning process. You will need to have time to gather information, identify training and controls needed, complete training, and obtain safety equipment.

Why should I have a Field Safety Plan?

  • Principal Investigators (PIs) and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their employees and students have the training and supplies needed to perform their work and studies safely.

  • Researchers (e.g. grad students, post-docs, staff) should work with their supervisors to develop a plan that details how to prevent and respond to emergency situations. The process of writing your plan together may make you aware of hazards that you had not considered before. Every researcher or student participant should be familiar with the plan before starting field research or studies, in order to be better equipped to stay safe.

  • Cal/OSHA has guidelines and requirements for heat illness prevention, Injury and Illness Prevention Plans, access to first aid or medical care, and emergency communications. Depending on the nature of your work, there may be additional requirements for special training, safety equipment, and other preparations. Developing and reviewing your Field Safety Plan is a good way to ensure that you meet those requirements.

  • When you send your Field Safety Plan to the Field Safety Professional for review and feedback, you gain access to a safety equipment lending library (including Garmin InReach satellite communication devices, first aid kits, and more) and training opportunities, such as wilderness first aid.

How do I develop a Field Safety Plan?