Construction workers at UC Davis.

Construction & New Building Program

Construction & New Building Program

The Construction & New Building Program is primarily responsible for:
  • Reviewing plans for all construction or remodel/improvement projects under the scope of UC Davis.
  • Maintaining guidelines for plan review submittals.
  • Providing inspcections fo all construction or remodel/improvement projects under the scope of UC Davis.

Guidelines for Plan Review Submittals

  1. For all submissions to Fire Prevention Services, a Plan Review Transmittal must be attached, completely filled out.

  2. Instructions for hard copy submission must be followed:

    1. Provide 2 copies of the Plan Review Transmittal. One will be signed by Safety Services staff and

      returned to you as receipt of submission

    2. If a response letter is required it must be included in the package

    3. Submit 2 copies of deferred submittals (Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Underground) and 1 copy

      of all other submittal types

  3. Instructions for electronic submission must be followed:
    a. Send submission via email to
    b. Provide a copy of the filled out Plan Review Transmittal in the email
    c. If a Response Letter is required, please provide in the email
    d. If a link is needed to access the submission (Box, Bluebeam, etc), ensure that the link or invite is

    included in the email. Add the following people to the Box or Bluebeam session: i. James Patterson

    ii. Greg Van Aken iii. Tim Annis
    iv. Andrew Reiwitch

  4. Fire Prevention Services will review the submissions for completeness. If any piece of the required documentation is missing, the submission will be returned without review. The plan must be resubmitted with all requirements to be eligible for review.

  5. Fire Prevention Services will have 15 business days to review the submission. Unless an alternate date is approved with mutual agreement, the deadline for review will be 15 business days.

  6. If 15 business days has elapsed, you can request the status of the review by sending an email to

  7. When your review is complete, an email will be sent to all parties listed on the Plan Review Transmittal, along with a Plan Review Memo.

    1. If the submission requires correction, the Memo will contain all Plan Review Comments that need to be considered for future review. The Plan will be retained by Fire Prevention Services to back check the next iteration.

    2. If the result of the review was an Approved, Stamped or Signed submission, the submission will be available for pickup at the Safety Services Business Office, 276 Hoagland Hall on the next business day.