Mobile Food Facilities

Mobile Food Facilities (MFF)

“Mobile Food Facility” means any vehicle used in conjunction with a commissary or other permanent food facility upon which food is sold or distributed at retail.

All Mobile Food Facilities are required to have a valid UC Davis permit sticker to operate on campus. To find how to obtain a UC Davis Health permit to operate on campus, see the Mobile Food Facility SOP.

Mobile food facilities who do not possess a UC Davis Health permit may not operate on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the definition of a mobile food facility?
  • According to the California Retail Food Code (CalCode) Chapter 2, Section 113831(a), “’Mobile food facility’ [MFF] means any vehicle used in conjunction with a commissary or other permanent food facility upon which food is sold or distributed at retail. ‘Mobile food facility’ does not include a ‘transporter’ used to transport packaged food from a food facility, or other approved source to the consumer.”
  • Do I need a permit to operate a mobile food facility?
  • CalCode Section 114381(a): “A food facility shall not be open for business without a valid permit.”
  • What is a commissary?
  • A commissary is a fixed food facility permitted by the State or local health department that services mobile food facilities, mobile support units, or vending machines where any of the following occur (CalCode Section 113751):
    1) Food, containers, or supplies are stored.
    2) Food is prepared or prepackaged for sale or service at other locations.
    3) Utensils are cleaned.
    4) Liquid and solid wastes are disposed, or potable water is obtained.

    All mobile food facilities shall operate in conjunction with a commissary, mobile support unit, or other facility approved by Environmental Health.
  • Which inspections will be conducted on my mobile ?
  • An Environmental Health inspection is conducted by a Registered Environmental Health Specialist  (REHS) to ensure mobile food operators are operating in accordance with the California Retail Food Code. Inspections are a routine part of operating a permitted mobile food facility and occur so that hot/cold food temperatures and food handling are being conducted in a safe manner. A fire inspection is also conducted to ensure the mobile meets all applicable fire codes and laws. 
  • Can I operate anywhere on campus?
  • There are designated locations on campus in which food trucks are scheduled on a rotation to operate on. To learn more about mobile food truck scheduling contact  Dining Services for more information.
  • Does UC Davis provide additional resources to MFF vendors on campus ?
  • Extra food storage refrigeration space, ice, potable water and electrical connection is provided to vendors. Contact Dining Services to learn more about the amenities UCD provides to vendors who operate a MFF on campus.