Battery Recycling Program

EH&S and the Waste Reduction and Recycling Program have teamed up to bring to the campus a new dry-cell battery recycling program.

Dry-cell batteries (such as rechargeable and non-rechargeable flashlight, camera, computer, or hearing aid batteries) can create environmental problems such as soil or groundwater contamination when disposed in your trash which ends up at the landfill. By recycling these batteries, we can protect the environment, reduce the risk of personal injury, and reuse precious resources.

Wet-cell batteries typically contain lead and sulfuric acid.  These batteries can also present a health risk and cause environmental problems when managed improperly.  These types of batteries are considered Hazardous Waste and must be managed separately from household types of batteries.  Please arrange disposal of all wet-cell batteries through EH&S.

 All types of dry-cell batteries can be recycled at any of the collection points around our campus, including the ARC, the MU Coffee House, the Silo, the Primate Center, and many more locations. The most current map of all collection locations can be found on the UC Davis Campus Sustainability Map.  Dry-cell batteries can also be sent by campus mail to "Batteries for Recycling - ESF."  Please do not send wet-cell batteries through the campus mail system. 

If you would like any additional information about this program, please call the Waste Reduction and Recycling Program at 530-754-7456 or visit the Sustainable 2nd Century website