Heat Illness Prevention

UC Davis Departments with any outdoor places of employment must adhere to the Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Standard.

Heat Illness Prevention Procedure Manual

Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Standard, Title 8 California Code of Regulations Section 3395 outlines four steps to prevent heat illness:

  1. Planning - Develop and implement written procedures for complying with the Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Standard.
  2. Training - Train all employees and supervisors about heat illness prevention.
  3. Water - Provide enough fresh water so that each employee can drink at least 1 quart per hour, and encourage them to do so.
  4. Shade - Provide access to a shaded area to prevent or recover from heat illness and where employees can take rest breaks.

To assist UC Davis departments in establishing and implementing a heat illness prevention program, this Heat Illness Prevention Procedure Manual has been prepared by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety in accordance with Cal/OSHA regulations and University policy.

Employees and supervisors who perform work that should reasonably be anticipated to result in exposure to the risk of heat illness must receive initial and annual heat illness training that covers all topics discussed in the Standard. Heat Illness Prevention Training (PDF) is accessible to aid departments in complying with the training element of the Heat Illness Prevention Standard.  Heat Illness training is also accessible via the LMS.

Additional information regarding Heat Illness can be found in SafetyNet #123 and at the Cal/OSHA website.

Policy and Procedure Manual Sections Relating to Heat Illness Prevention