Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

The Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) reduces the risk of workplace injury and illness.

The most common violation by Cal/OSHA in California workplaces
EVERY YEAR is lack of an effective IIPP.

The E-IIPP meets Cal/OSHA regulations that the department's IIPP is in writing and includes the following required elements:

  • Management commitment/assignment of responsibilities
  • Safety communications system with employees
  • System for assuring employee compliance with safe work practices
  • Scheduled inspections/evaluation system
  • Accident Investigation
  • Procedures for correcting unsafe/unhealthy conditions
  • Safety and health training and instruction
  • Recordkeeping and documentation

To be effective your IIPP must:
•    Fully involve all employees, supervisors, and management
•    Identify the specific workplace hazards employees are exposed to
•    Correct identified hazards in an appropriate and timely manner
•    Provide effective training.

Remember, how well you actually put into practice your IIPP in your workplace is what will determine how effective it is. You must regularly review and update your IIPP in order for it to remain effective.


Step-by-Step Process 

1. Electronic Injury and Illness Prevention Program (E-IIPP)

The Electronic IIPP (E-IIPP) available from EH&S meets Cal/OSHA requirements and is recommended over paper (e.g., Word documentation).

  • Each January, email invitations are sent to Departmental Safety Coordinators (DSCs) on record to complete, review, and update their departmental E-IIPP. If directory listing is out-of-date email
  • Required signatures are completed via DocuSign from:
    • Responsible Authority (typically Chair or Director)
    • Department Designated Authority (typically the DSC or Safety Officer)
  • Before submitting the E-IIPP, steps #2 & #3 must be completed

E-IIPP Support

LMS Training



  • IIPP Template in MS Word
    Available by Request at
  • An alternative to the E-IIPP is to complete the IIPP using a Word document. The IIPP template Word template option will be phased out in June 2023. Beginning in June, the Word template will only be available upon request.

    To complete this template, enter requested data in each text box. Upon completion, print the document, obtain the necessary signatures, review with departmental employees, and document the training in writing. Annual IIPP review/revision and training with employees is required.
    • Download the Appendices
      Included forms: Hazard Alert/Correction, Worksite Inspection, Injury Reporting Information, Sample Job Safety Analyses, Safety Training Attendance Record.

2. Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

JSAs are a required part of the IIPP and identifies and evaluates employee work functions and potential health or injury hazards.

  • JSAs help identify hazards and ways to eliminate or reduce their risk through substitution, use of tools/equipment, appropriate safe practices, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Laboratory Personnel


Non-Laboratory Personnel

Updated for 2023

Your area may continue using earlier versions of JSA forms.

3. PPE Assessment and Certification

The Cal/OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Program regulation (8 CCR §3203) and PPE regulation (8 CCR §3380) require employers to:

  1. List the tasks and activities employees perform, assess the hazards and establish the required controls
  2. Establish and train employees on hazard assessment findings and required PPE, if any, for each task or activity.
    • Engineering and/or administrative controls should be the first choices for controlling hazards.
    • PPE is the least effective way to control hazards.

Laboratory Personnel

Non-Laboratory Personnel

Your area may continue using earlier versions of PPE forms.

4. Submit E-IIPP

Before submitting the E-IIPP, requirements for annual training, worksite inspections, and JSA completion/review need to be addressed as either:

Completed  --  OR  --  Scheduled (w/ date identified)

Review and Approval

  • After submittal, EH&S will review your E-IIPP for completeness and either approve or send back for revision.
  • A final PDF of your E-IIPP, Appendices, Job Safety Analyses (JSA), and the PPE Assessment and Certification will be sent back for departmental use (e.g., website posting, printing, training).

More About IIPP Program

Effective July 1, 1991, Cal/OSHA regulations require every employer to establish, implement and maintain an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program. The IIPP establishes a management framework to reduce the risks associated with workplace injuries and illnesses, identify what is required to promote safety and health, and create an outline of policies and procedures to achieve safety and health goals.

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