Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Policy Number
100-01 Organization Chart Organization
100-04 Mission and Vision Organization
100-05 Our Values  Organization
100-09 Verification of Professional Credentials, Licensing, and Insurance Organization
110-01 Office of the State Fire Marshal Duty Officer Notification Procedures Administration
110-02 Records Management Administration
110-03 Certificates of Occupancy Administration
110-04 Use of University Telephones Administration
110-05 Absences from Work and Requests for Leaves of Absence Administration


Quality Assurance Plan Administration
110-07 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Administration
110-08 Quality Assurance Program Administration
110-09 Campus Appeal Process for Code Application or Violation Disputes Administration
110-10 Document Creation & Control Administration
110-11 Annual Management Review Administration
110-12 Operational Permitting Administration
110-13 Internal Quality Audit Administration
110-14 Corrective Action Administration
120-01 Annual Fire/Life Safety Inspection Fire Prevention Operations
120-02 Post Incident Re-Occupancy Plan Fire Prevention Operations
120-03 Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Training Fire Prevention Operations
120-04 Formal Alternative Means of Protection, Formal Code Appeals Fire Prevention Operations
120-05 Plan Review Fire Prevention Operations
120-06 Special Events Policy Fire Prevention Operations
120-07 Public Education Fire Prevention Operations