Biohazard Incident Report

Any spill of recombinant DNA or infectious agents must be reported as soon as possible to the Biological Safety Officer.

For Biological and Biohazardous Spill Response, consult SafetyNet #127

You Must Report:

  • Injuries and accidental autoinoculation, ingestion, or inhalation of infectious agents to:
    • The principal investigator and laboratory director/supervisor
    • EH&S - use the form below or call 530-752-1493
    • The UC Davis Occupational Health physician - call 530-752-6051 for evaluation and possible treatment
  • Accidental release of recombinant plants or plant pathogens to the environment must be reported to the Biological Safety Officer (using the form below or by calling the Biosafety Office).

Biohazard Incident Report

Contact Information

Lab Information

Incident Information

Click inside box and select date from calendar, or type date.
Click inside box and select time, or type the time.
Please indicate the location where the incident occurred (be specific - e.g. "in the biological safety cabinet located in the north east corner of room ## in building ABC").
Please indicate the name and type of materials (rDNA or infectious agents, etc) that were involved in the incident.
Please provide a detailed description of the events surrounding the incident.