Lockout Tagout Program and Plan

The Lockout Tagout Program and Plan reduces the risk of serious injury to UC Davis employees from the sudden, and often unanticipated, release of uncontrolled energy.

Lockout/Tagout Program and Plan

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Any department or group with employees who clean, repair, service, set-up and adjust machines or equipment which could cause injury to employees, unless locked out or isolated, is required to comply with the UC Davis Lockout Tagout Program, the UC Davis PPM 290-84, and complete a Department LOTO Plan.

Departments complete 8 steps:
  1. Assign Roles & Responsibilities by completing a written departmental LOTO Plan compliant with the new UC Davis LOTO program
  2. Ensure existing and new equipment is capable of being locked out
  3. Provide employees with LOTO equipment
  4. Train both “Affected” and “Authorized” employees (existing and new) on the LOTO requirements initially and at 3 year refresher intervals
  5. Assure only “Authorized” employees are locking out equipment and isolating energy 
  6. Develop written LOTO Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for all equipment before commencing work.
  7. Review annually the LOTO SOPs for effectiveness.
  8. Maintain an inventory of equipment requiring LOTO