Temporary Food Facilities

Temporary Food Facilities

A temporary food facility is any establishment operating temporarily in connection with any community event where food is prepared or served for consumption by the campus community or general public. The California Retail Food Code Law dictates the requirements for the operation of a temporary food facility.

Events/facilities requiring a permit

Please submit an Event Organizer Application to secure a permit for the following:

  • Student group fundraisers
  • Bake sales that include more than non-perishable pastries
  • Student group food giveaways

Events/facilities NOT requiring a permit

The following events do not require an EH&S permit, but still have the potential for a foodborne illness outbreak:

Bake Sales

Items allowed without a permit include prepackaged and labeled goods that include no creams, fillings or other ingredients that require refrigeration. Baked goods must be limited to cookies, brownies, and nonperishable confections. Read more about Bake Sales

Prepackaged Snack Foods

Prepackaged Snack Foods are allowed, including potato chips, candy, soda in cans.

Regular Coffee (NOT Espresso)

Packaged, non-refrigerated creams and individually packaged condiments are permitted. No milk items requiring refrigeration are allowed.

Private Events 

Private events are limited to members of a group, organization, club, or invited guests. These might include:

  • A food event that is ENTIRELY staffed by professional caterers
  • Pot-luck style gatherings
  • Banquets, socials or meetings
  • Department-sponsored lectures, panels, presentations or receptions with refreshments for attendee