Fall Protection

April In-Person Training is Canceled Due to Campus Suspended Operations

Helping employees become proficient at recognizing and controlling workplace fall hazards

Any department or group exposing employees to potential falls from elevated heights is required to comply with the UC Davis PPM 290-88 and the UC Davis Fall Protection Program.

Fall protection systems must be installed, and employees provided fall protection equipment complying with ANSI standards.

Fall Protection Training - Spring 2020

Offered May through June for:

  • Authorized Person - Provides the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform work at height at the direction of a Competent Person.
  • Competent Person - Enables the attendee to be responsible for the immediate supervision, implementation, and monitoring of a managed fall protection program.
  • Authorized Rescuer - Provides the skills and knowledge that will allow Authorized Persons to perform assisted rescue where emergency services are not available.

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