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Healthy Convenience Foods

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Spiralizers are a great tool for incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet! You can spiralize just about anything- zucchini, carrots, beets, cucumber...the possibilities are endless.  Use spiralized vegetables to replace noodles/pasta in any dish- or simply add vegetables to the dish to increase volume.

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Healthy convenience foods 

Sometimes, having a busy schedule can make it difficult for us to make time to cook and to prepare our meals. This can be a problem because we become more susceptible to impulsively buy meals high in calories and to snack on foods with low nutritional value, such as chips and candy. Luckily, there is a wide variety of healthy convenience foods that are ready to cook or to eat that can be very useful when we are running short of time. Having meals planned ahead of time is not only convenient but will also allow us to eat healthier during the week.

Below are four examples of foods ready to prep that can be purchased for less than $5

  • Carrot spirals. A good substitute for white pasta that adds nutrients and dietary fiber as well as complex carbohydrate, replacing the simple carbohydrate found in pasta.
  • Organic riced cauliflower. Simple food that be used as a  substitute rice.  Pretty easy to make at home in a food processor but for the nights that are too jam packed, this is a great alternative. 
  • Prepackaged broccoli and cauliflower. Fresh and ready-to-eat broccoli and cauliflower for salads and meals
  • Baby carrots. Perfect for snacking and ready to cook

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