June is National Men’s Health Month!

two men bumping fists at the gym

June is National Men’s Health Month!

While nutrition guidelines generally apply to any adult, there are certain points for men to consider in honor of Men’s Health Month.

Although energy needs vary depending on height, weight, and activity level, men generally require more calories than women due to higher muscle mass, height, and weight. In addition, men tend to consume more meat due to the perception that eating more protein will lead to more muscle gain. However, eating excessive amounts of meat, particularly red meat, is linked to heart disease and colorectal cancer in men. Lastly, men tend to gain more weight around their midsection due to the presence of testosterone.

To support a healthy lifestyle, aim to eat less saturated fat from meat, cheese, and fried foods. Instead, include more plant-based and lean proteins, such as beans, fish, and tofu, and include unsaturated, heart-healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, and avocados. A healthy diet will help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancers, obesity, and heart disease.

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