Staying active during the holidays

woman walking a dog in the outdoors

Staying active during the holidays

It’s that wonderful time of the year again: endless events, cooking, shopping, parties, traveling and freshly baked cookies. Our schedules become so busy that sometimes exercising becomes less of a priority, plus, it’s starting to get pretty cold in the morning, which makes it harder to get out of bed for a morning session.

Strategy and planning are key to maintain a regular exercise routine, so here are six tips to stay motivated and keep moving throughout the holidays:

  1. Make a plan. One of the most effective ways to keep moving and to stay active is to schedule your workouts in advance. Writing down specific things that you want to get done in an agenda or calendar will help you to keep track and to stick to the plan. Even if you end up not being able to complete the scheduled session, don’t give up! Take a 10 minute walk; just do something.

  2. Get a workout buddy. Exercising is always more fun when you have company, and commitment to another person creates accountability. You can also make plans with a friend or relative to go for a walk to catch up. Try different routes each time so you won’t get bored. Take a walk after the holiday meal – everyone will be better for it!

  3. Walk your dog. Not only you will have an awesome workout buddy, who needs exercise a much as you, but you will be able to increase the number of daily steps and burn more calories than if you just stayed home.

  4. Skip the elevator. Every time you go to the mall or to work use the stairs instead of the elevator to burn some extra calories. Park further away in the parking lot and do a lap around the store are other ways to increase spontaneous activity.

  5. Clean your house. Not only will your house will be clean, but you will burn calories with every step and movement you make.

  6. Take advantage of seasonal activities. Skating and events, such as community runs/walks, can be a fun way to feel the holiday spirit and to have a lot of fun with friends and family!

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