Research Policies, Regulations and Guidelines

Research Policies and Regulations

Policies and regulations which govern the conduct of research at UC Davis.

UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual Sections Relating to Radiological Safety

The Administrative Responsibilities Handbook

An essential reference for anyone in a supervisory or managerial role, and anyone who makes budget decisions or has responsibility for safety, emergency preparedness or regulatory compliance. It pulls together, in one place, all of the references that UC Davis administrators need to be effective stewards of the university’s resources.  The Handbook outlines and clarifies the authorities, responsibilities, principles and risk factors faced by individuals tasked with administering academic and non-academic functions on a daily basis. The Winter 2013 edition of the Handbook provides updated and searchable content, and updated references that link directly to policies and services.

The Guide to Research Compliance for Principal Investigators and Department Administrators

Provides an overview of policies and regulations in reference to award terms and conditions, federal, state and local regulations, and university policies directly related to their research.

Award Management

Management of grants, contracts, and other funding agreements is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI)  and the Administering Unit.