Wellness Ambassador Program

Wellness Ambassadors serve as representatives of the UC Davis Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being program while supporting and engaging their colleagues in wellness messaging, programs, activities and resources.

Not sure if your department has a Wellness Ambassador? Find out by checking our current Wellness Ambassador roster! If you have any questions, please email: wellbeing@ucdavis.edu.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Market, publicize and recruit staff and academics to participate in health and well-being activities and programming on campus
  • Identify potential ideas, strategies and programs for enhancing well-being and a healthy culture/work environment
  • Develop health and well-being initiatives in your unit (e.g., use bulletin boards, develop a healthy potluck day, schedule a guest speaker or activity, create a walking group, etc.)
  • Share your success stories and metrics with us
  • Provide the Activity Release Waiver (PDF) for participants in your group and keep a file of completed forms (required by Risk Management for physical activities)



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  • This is a voluntary role to help drive employee participation and engagement in health and wellness related activities.
  • The average time commitment is 40 minutes per month.
  • Wellness Ambassadors are encouraged to discuss their role with their supervisor.

Learn more about the UC Davis Workplace Flexibility policy