Fruit and Veggie Fan Club

Become a member of the Fruit and Veggie Fan Club 2023!  

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Sign up to explore, share, and enjoy the world of fruit and vegetables! This 6-week challenge consists of weekly emails with the challenge of the week, recipes, and helpful information. Prizes will be given away by random drawing from those who participate and fill out the final evaluation.

This year's challenge will run March 10 to April 14, 2023. The first challenge email will be delivered to your inbox on Friday, March 10, with subsequent challenges arriving each Friday. 

How to Participate

Step 1: Join the challenge. Open to staff, faculty, retirees and students.

Step 2: Download an optional tracking sheet (Word Docx). There are two versions: the Servings Tracking Sheet and the Challenge Tracking Sheet. Save to your computer to complete electronically, or print and write in it physically. 

Step 3: Track your progress throughout the challenge.

Step 4: Complete the final evaluation survey for the chance to win a prize!