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Forklift Safety    

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Course duration estimate: 30 mins

This 30 minute course is offered as one option for completing the video training portion of the "UC Davis Forklift Safety Certification-Initial Training". This module by itself does not constitute forklift safety certification as required under California Regulations (8CCR, Section 3668). For more information and instructions regarding UC Davis Forklift Safety Certification requirements, see Forklift Operations Training

Course objectives include:

  • Recognizing general engineering principles associated with forklift safety.
  • Identifying factors that lead to forklifts tipping over.
  • Distinguishing between safe and unsafe forklift operations.
  • Describing the differences between driving an automobile and a forklift.
  • Identifying general loading and unloading principles associated with forklift safety.
  • Specifying safe refueling and recharging procedures.
  • Listing the steps to perform in walk-around and sit-down inspections.

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Required training and certification for all employees who operate University powered industrial vehicles.