Biological Safety Training

Safety Training Matrix for Laboratory Personnel

This document outlines the minimum medical and training requirements for personnel working in a research setting at UC Davis.

The principal investigator or supervisor is responsible for all lab- and project-specific training, including experimental methods and techniques, specific hazards, and risk mitigation strategies. The trainee must have an opportunity to ask questions. The training record must include the topics covered, training materials used, the names and signatures of both the trainer and the trainee, and the training date. The training documentation must include verification that the trainee understands the material (e.g., a written quiz or a signed statement that the trainee understands the training topics covered).

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Biological Safety Training Classes

Class Description Register
Aerosol Transmissible Diseases Identify the steps you should take if you experience an exposure incident. Course duration estimate: 1 hour eLearning (LMS) More Information
Guide to Shipping Dry Ice Online UC Davis Guide to Safely Ship Dry Ice via air. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Lab Safety for Support Personnel This course is designed for individuals who may enter a laboratory to provide a support function. Course duration estimate: 45 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
NIH Guidelines Training For all Principal Investigators and Co-PIs whose research involves recombinant DNA research. Course duration estimate: 15 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Proper Handling of Materials at Biosafety Level 1 Required for research and projects involving microbiological materials, recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid. Course duration estimate: 25 minutes eLearning (LMS)  More Information
Q Fever Information regarding Q Fever, its transmission, epidemiology and related safety protocols. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS)  More Information
Safe Use of Biological 
Safety Cabinets
Required for those who use a biosafety cabinet for work with biohazardous materials. Course duration estimate: 45 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
UC Davis Biosafety Level 2 Online Training Required for working with recombinant DNA, infectious agents, and medical waste. Course duration estimate: 1 hour eLearning (LMS) More Information
UC Davis Bloodborne Pathogens This course will provide you with a basic understanding of bloodborne pathogens. Course duration estimate: 45 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
UC Davis Medical Waste Management Training Proper handling, packaging, labeling, and documentation of hazardous waste that is transported on public roads. Course duration estimate: 25 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information 

UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals

Required lab safety fundamentals, chemical safety, general safety. Course duration estimate: 1 hour 

eLearning (LMS)

More Information
UC Laboratory Safety Refresher Refresher course for safety fundamentals, chemical safety, and general safety. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Unfixed Non-Human Primate Tissue, Cell Lines, and Body Fluids Safety Course No Description. Course duration estimate: 20 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information