Report an Incident or Concern

Report an Incident or Concern on the Davis Campus

Safety Services monitors form submissions during regular business hours. You may submit this form anonymously to protect your identity.

You're encouraged, and in some cases required, to report incidents and unsafe conditions that occur on the Davis Campus. At Safety Services, our primary focus is the safety and security of the UC Davis community, not identifying individuals who report incidents and concerns. By submitting a detailed report, you can help us to take action in areas where safety needs improvement. Thank you for your efforts protecting the safety and well-being of the campus community. 

  • Report an Incident at UC Davis Health
  • For incidents at UC Davis Health, please use the RL Solutions portal to submit your report.

    Please contact UC Davis Health Risk Management staff with questions:  |  (916) 734-3883

  • Report a Compliance & Policy Matter (e.g., sexual harassment/violence, Whistleblower, etc.)
  • The UC Davis Office of Compliance and Policy promotes ethical conduct and a culture of compliance by educating community members about their compliance responsibilities; responding to concerns regarding unethical and noncompliant behavior, including conducting investigations into violations of the University’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, Nondiscrimination, Whistleblower and Whistleblower Protection policies as well as allegations of police misconduct; maintaining accessible and comprehensive policies and procedures; and providing leadership for the University’s Title IX, Clery Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Affirmative Action and privacy programs.

Active Crime/Public Safety Concern

For incidents regarding active crime or public safety concerns, please contact the UC Davis Police at their non-emergency line: 530-752-1727 (Davis Campus) or 916-734-2555 (Sacramento Campus)

Call 911 for emergencies!
fire or activated suppression system, explosion, hazardous situation, medical need

Report an Incident or Concern

It is illegal for your employer to take any action in reprisal for your communicating a safety incident or concern. However, you may still submit this form anonymously. Please include sufficient detail so that Safety Services staff can take actions to resolve the issue.

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For example, an illicit discarge into the campus storm drain system.
Has this matter been reported to the area supervisor MSO or Dept. Chair?