Policy and Procedures (PnPs)

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Policy Number Subject Category
100-01 Mission, Vision and Values Statement Organization
100-02 OHS Organizational Chart Organization
110-01 Mail at Occupational Health Services Administration
110-02 Occupational Health Vehicle Administration
110-03 Name Badges for OHS Staff Administration
110-04 Use of University Telephones Administration
110-05 Professional Development Administration
110-06 Absences from Work and Requests for Leaves of Absence Administration
110-07 Employee Orientation Administration
110-08 Dress Code/Personal Appearance Guidelines Administration
110-09 Use of OHS Computing Devices, Accounts, and Software Administration
110-10 Website Content Management Administration
120-01 Patient Parking Passes Clinic Operations
120-02 No Show and Late Cancellation Appointments Clinic Operations
120-03 Notification of Late Appointments Clinic Operations
120-04 Physical Therapy Service Clinic Operations
120-05 Consent to Photograph and Observe Policy Clinic Operations
120-06 Laboratory Collection and Handling of Specimens Clinic Operations
120-07 Safe Vaccine Storage and Handling Clinic Operations
120-08 Visitors in Patient Care Areas Clinic Operations
120-09 Provider Review of Lab Reports in the Electronic Health Record Clinic Operations
120-10 Retrieval of Sutter Davis Emergency Room Reports Clinic Operations
130-01 Scope of Medical Services Clinical Care & Services
130-02 Medical Emergency Response Clinical Care & Services
130-03 Referral for Services Outside OHS Clinical Care & Services
130-04 Radiology Reports of OHS Films/Digital Images Clinical Care & Services
130-05 Medications and Allergies – Documentation and Reconciliation Clinical Care & Services
130-06 Routine Vital Signs Clinical Care & Services
130-07 Safe Medication and Injection Practices Clinical Care & Services
130-08 Non-Human Primate Exposures Clinical Care & Services
130-09 Management of Q Fever Clinical Care & Services


Occupational Health Surveillance System (OHSS) Clinical Care & Services
130-11 Travel Medicine Clinical Care & Services
130-12 WorkStrong Program Clinical Care & Services
130-13 After Hours Post Exposure Prophylaxis for Biological Exposures Clinical Care & Services
130-14 Epinephrine Auto Injector Prescriptions Clinical Care & Services
130-15 Hearing Conservation Program Clinical Care & Services
130-16 Occupational Health Biosafety Plan Clinical Care & Services
130-17 Clinical Chaperone and Examination Guidelines Clinical Care & Services
140-01 Credentialing of Clinic Personnel Compliance
140-02 Notice of Privacy Practices Compliance
140-03 Required Basic Life Support (CPR/BLS) Compliance
140-04 Disclosure of PHI for Media, Training and Public Communications Compliance
140-05 Reporting Diseases and Conditions to Public Health, Clinical Responsibility Compliance
140-06 Animal Bite or Scratch Reporting Compliance
140-07 Assault Documentation Compliance
140-08 Disclosure of PHI for Media, Training and Public Communications Compliance
150-01 Injury and Illness Prevention Program; Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens, Respiratory Protection Program, and Infection Control Program Facility Health & Safety
150-02 OHS Employee Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Facility Health & Safety
150-03 Standard Precautions with Additional Precautions for Other Exposures (Airborne, Droplet and Contact) Facility Health & Safety
150-04 Personal Protective Equipment Facility Health & Safety
150-05 Hand Hygiene Facility Health & Safety
150-06 Disposal of Used Needles, Syringes, Vials and Sharps Facility Health & Safety
150-07 Bicycles, Rollerblades, Skates and Skateboards at Occupational Health Services Facility Health & Safety
150-08 Employee Infection Surveillance and Pre-placement Screening Facility Health & Safety
150-09 Pets at Occupational Health Services Facility Health & Safety
150-10 Compressed Gas Cylinders and Hazardous Gases (Includes Liquid Nitrogen) Facility Health & Safety
150-11 Hazardous Chemicals and Chemical Spills Facility Health & Safety
150-12 Tripping and Slipping Hazards Facility Health & Safety
150-13 Use of Personal Electrical Equipment Facility Health & Safety
150-14 Collection, Storage and Disposal of Biohazardous Waste Facility Health & Safety
150-15 Power Outage Facility Health & Safety
150-16 Infectious Linen Handling Procedure Facility Health & Safety
150-17 Disinfection Procedures Facility Health & Safety
150-18 Hazardous Substance Container Disposal Facility Health & Safety
150-19 Recall of Drugs and Medical Supplies Facility Health & Safety
150-20 Emergency Action Plan Facility Health & Safety
160-01 Health Record Retention and Destruction Health Records
160-02 Storage, Security & Responsibility for Health Records Health Records
160-03 Disclosing and Receiving Protected Health Information (PHI) by Fax Health Records
160-04 Correcting Errors in Systoc Electronic Medical Record Health Records
170-01 Quality Assurance Risk & Quality Management
170-02 Employee Work Related Illness/Injury Risk & Quality Management
170-03 Patient Refusal to Permit Medical Care Risk & Quality Management
170-04 Impaired or Incapacitated Clinical Staff Risk & Quality Management
170-05 Evaluation of Allegations Regarding Quality of Medical Care or Physician Unprofessional Conduct Risk & Quality Management
190-01 University Animal Care Policies Miscellaneous
190-02 Workplace Violence Prevention Miscellaneous